Debra Grace Khattab, Writer & Folksinger

winging our way into the star knighted sky

for ken siegel



The dense sky is framed by black birds

that cut through the deep blue

with razor sharp shadows

that catch us sideways

in the passage of denied time

as you hero hold away the cave cold fears

with your warm breath that left lip prints

on my unfolded shoulder


you pass me a solid sandwich

as the sunset shivers closer to us

the rich egg salad easing my way into evening

as your black winged hand caresses mine

as we pace the missing camelot round table

of plastic romantic rules, steps we can't reach,

and the lost pirate directions to self respect -

after zinfadel and weed we finish devil egged handfuls

and the dense evening mists creep in

on the lonely cries of ducks, sparrows and black birds


dense trees shadow the evening outlines

as you slice watermelon wishes to our watiting plates

then you brush a kiss across my silken cheek

that wings my flushing body with a rich eye beating heart reaction

so we spit seeded desires at the foot of our destiny

with owls hooting the way into the pitch black tumbling star knighted sky



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