Debra Grace Khattab, Writer & Folksinger

Eavesdropping On Women Without Faces, collage by Debra Grace Khattab

Nude Poetry, collage by Debra Grace Khattab

eavesdropping on women without faces



the beautiful dress that cascades

its rippling flowers

over the painter's hand

is meticulously draped

under golden hair

that has butterflies brutally pinned in it

while the artist

carefully covered every facial feature

with common burlap

until the model is blinded



this artist crawled up on her pedestal

only to die before she could finish

scraping her self away.

she took the trowel to her arms

and then her face,

trying to remove the unessential,

the expressions we mask our needs with,

but the essence also bears the mark of its removal

knowing the bones' need of its own flesh

and so her hands crack away in defeat

as she spreads open her smooth thighs

and births her own defiance


(Oakland Museum Poems, 2/23/97)

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