Debra Grace Khattab, Writer & Folksinger

Dream Addendum

for D.P.G.


it took the end of clocks

to bring my last dream

where I'm a movie queen icon

standing in a hospital room door,

hesitating from the taste

of too many hasty decisions,

following the brush of the crinoline underskirts

as they pull me into the dim room

that has always known a touch of evening

to find you in a white bed with white sheets

with your white hair the hidden polar bear on the ice.

your eyes are shuttered by the bruise-circles around them

and I sit my old princess ass down

before reaching out for your hand

and telling you that we shouldn't have waited so long

to call out for the new white thread

to sew up our hearts.

you tell me you know

and we lay out our fears

for that waiting touch

of the surgeon's knife.



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